Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mural Design Workshop Notes

On Saturday, January 26th the Rachel Corrie Foundation hosted an all-day workshop to gather images and ideas for the mural. The following is a brainstorm list from our breakout discussion sessions:


* birds heralding spring ("after winter must come spring")
* hidden history of return
* shahid poster
* Medicine Creek Treaty
* Chief Leschi
* bulldozers
* prisons
* regrowth, seeds of resistance
* handkerchief paintings
* Pheonix Rising, firebird
* invisibility
* bird/serpent as a symbol of healing
* women hands extended
* tree connecting earth to heaven
* native treaties violated, fishing rights

* emptied nest

* economic isolation
* greed and need
* Water (universal human need)
* Love and relationships as a universal human need
* windows
* contrast (green lawns vrs. polluted and diverted water)
* Artesian well (safe place, abundance)
* the well that Rachel defended (soldiers shooting, broken)
* mural painted by the rain, cloud of paint raindrops
* rain painting an opening in the wall
* salmon
* balance
* seeing images in the clouds
* eating meals together, gathering

* Actualized hope, not just words
* Unification
* Education
* Weaving cloth "instead of a wall"
* Trees holding together the earth
* roots tearing down the wall
* Cedar, madrone, olive
* Justice scales in a teeter totter, children playing
* Salmon Leaping over the wall
* flood of humanity
* faces of people, shahid
* "Return to the Swing"
* Poppies, lisa's image of girl holding red poppies
* children flying kites

Honor resistance in Oly
* Labor History
* Port Militarization Resistance movement
* candlelight, vigils, illumination
*Women In Black
* the Four Elements- earth, air, fire, and water
* wall
* stream of humanity, another world
* strength and courage
* human things that hold us together
* Caterpillar knocking down the apartheid wall
* spirit of art
* wall in Mexico
* 500 years of First Peoples Resistance

Images gathered from "Up Against The Wall"

* olive trees
* campesino trees
* clean water
* people eating together

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